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Your computer network is a powerful source of business data. But if your computer programs aren't set up to provide information the way you need it, you could be wasting time and money.

Tell us what information you need from your computer data. Then we'll extract the data and develop meaningful reports focusing on your needs using industry standard tools such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports and SQL statements from relational databases.


Tell us your business needs and we will modify your existing software, recommend new software or develop new programming to create the applications your company needs.

We have helped other clients with such services as:

  • Insurance Policy and Claims
  • Accounting and Payroll
  • Sales Management
  • Web site design
  • Ad hoc reporting

Our expertise in the areas of report writing and development, data extraction and software support, coupled with our business, consulting and software training background lend themselves to use in outsourcing.

By outsourcing repetitive functions such as periodic internal and external data reporting, financial analysis and data processing, your company can focus on core competencies and allow employees to work more productively on important matters or projects.


If you feel that we can add valueto your business, please contact us:
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